Reading List: Invisible Illness & Disability

I started this reading list about invisible illnesses. Educate yourself by reading one a day. I will add more as I find them ­čÖé Feel free to DM me your fav articles on invisible illness & disability! xoxox

The Strange is Beautiful
Alternative self-care for mind obstacles (a term they use for mental illnesses) blog, zines and events.

How to Help Someone with Mind Obstacles

Nalgona Positivity Pride
Nalgona Positivity Pride (NPP) is an in-community eating disorders and body-positive organization dedicated in creating visibility and resources for Black, Indigenous, communities of color (BICC.)

Bitch Media: The Sick Issue
Healthcare, disability, ableism, invisible illness

Dazed: Coronavirus & Disability/Chronic Illness by Amelia Abraham

HuffPost: What People with Invisible Illness Want You To Know by Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro

Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro’s Articles

The Strange is Beautiful: When a Friend Calls You To Vent, Ask These Questions by Shannen Roberts

NPR: People with ‘Invisible Disabilities’ Fight for Understanding by Naomi Gingold

Bitch Media: Glittering with Accessibility: Virtual Events Pave the Way for a More Inclusive Pride by Alaina Leary

Bitch Media: Cover the Coronavirus without Being an Ableist Asshole by Caroline Reilly 

The Strange is Beautiful: How to Help a Friend Through a Panic Attack by Shannen Roberts

Bitch Media: COVID-19 Illustrates the Pros of Remote Work by Alaina Leary

Bitch Media: Fake it Off: Reddit’s r/Illnessfakers Community and the Politics of Disbelief by Anna Hamilton

Vegan Feminist Network: Is Veganism Ableist? A Disabled Vegan Perspective by Michele Kaplan

I Have OCD. This is What It’s Like to Be in My Mind for 3 Minutes.